Hobby RC Cars: Tips For Better Enjoyment

11 March 2020
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You're familiar with the more elite style of RC cars and trucks, such as the Losi brand. You enjoy this hobby for both enjoyment and competition, and you want to keep your hobby RC cars in as great a condition as possible. After all, there's a decent investment that goes into these Losi vehicles and other hobby cars, so great care and organization will allow you to keep these units in working condition for personal enjoyment for as long as you'd like.

Like any mini car, the parts on your hobby vehicles can come apart, get broken, or simply need to be replaced over time. When wheels don't turn as they should, side mirrors get broken, and other parts wear with age and use, your hobby cars become less fun to work with and require some new parts to make them work well again. Likewise, a worn-out or poorly kept RC car is less responsive and not as reliable as other cars, making it less useful for competitive and hobby racing.

Use this guide to make your hobby RC cars more fun and longer-lasting. From locating and storing replacement parts to regular hobby car care, you will learn how to take care of your Losi vehicles and keep parts available for when you need them.

Stock up on brand parts

It's best to stock up on the known brand parts related to your RC vehicles, so if you have a Losi vehicle, buy Losi parts only. Common parts to keep in additional numbers include tires, side mirrors, axles, and battery chargers. Buy these parts from hobby stores, or you can purchase them online and sometimes even get same-day shipping so you can get back to your favorite hobby fast.

Keep hobby cars in storage

Hobby cars are expensive and should be kept in a warm and dry storage place. Keep all RC hobby cars and their remotes and battery packs in their own containers with lids for easy storage and organization. Wipe down your hobby vehicles after every use so you keep debris and hair out of the wheels and turning parts.

Use hobby cars appropriately

After spending so much money on your Losi vehicles, you want to take care of them appropriately. Never operate these cars on water or in mud, and stick to indoor tracks as much as possible. This way, you preserve the electronics of the vehicles as much as their aesthetics and keep your hobby RC cars always ready for their next adventure.