A Hand-Stitched Starter Project For Your Preteen To Complete

11 May 2020
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If your preteen has been observing you as you work on an embroidered tapestry that you plan on displaying over a mantelpiece or a living room furniture ensemble, you may have been persuaded to get them started on a personal craft project of their own. Hand stitch embroidery patterns can be used to create wall hangings, adornments for coats and other fabric garments and accessories, or a series of mini keychains and coasters.

Choose A Pattern That Is Easy To Follow

An embroidery book that is filled with patterns and crafting ideas or online templates that can be printed out will guide you and your child in selecting a project. Look for patterns that provide photos of how an embroidered item will look once it is complete. This will help your child visualize where they would like to display an embroidered item or how they would like to utilize the finished project.

If they would like to coincide their embroidery project with the tapestry that you are completing, suggest a project design that contains the same type of floral pattern, outline, or color scheme that the tapestry possesses. Choose a pattern that only requires that a few basic stitch types are completed.

A piece of fabric that contains score marks on its surface, an embroidery wheel, and a carrying case or a pouch that contains separate sections for the storage of the embroidery floss that will be used to complete the project may aid your child in maintaining organization and successfully completing the project that they select.

Demonstrate The Basics And Refer To The Instructions

Plan upon demonstrating how to complete some stitches, prior to your child beginning their project. After purchasing a kit, embroidery floss, scissors, and a frame or hardware that will be used to display the stitchery, slide the instruction sheet into a protective sleeve. If you have decided to purchase a kit that includes all of the embroidery floss that is needed, help your child identify the colors and separate the strands of floss.

Before each sewing session, look over the instructions and pick out the color of embroidery floss that will be needed to complete the step that your child will be working on. Encourage your child to take things slowly, completing one section of the project and using one single color of floss, before moving onto another section that requires another color of floss.